Glengarriff is a pretty town located on a sheltered cove on Bantry Bay in the Beara Peninsula in County Cork.The population of this fishing and tourist town is no more than 1,000 although this number increases greatly with the influx of visitors during the Summer season.
The town has a mild climate influenced by the Gulf Stream and the surrounding areas are covered in lush vegetation including many exotic plants.
Glengarriff has been a favourite tourist destination for over a century. The famous Eccles Hotel has been welcoming guests since the mid 18th century and many famous visitors have stayed there including W.B Yeats, G.BShaw, Thackeray and, more rcently, Pippa Middleton.
The town is surrounded by wild mountainous terrain with nuerous walks, places of interest and spectacular views.

Main Attractions of Glengarriff

Garnish Island is probably the best known attraction in the area. This sub tropical garden and visitor centre is just a few minutes boat ride from the mainland. As well as the beautiful gardens with numerous exotic species, the island has a restored Martello tower which gives spectacular views of the bay.

Garnish Island
Garnish Island

On the way to Garnish Island visitors will pass Seal Point which is home to the largest population of harbour seals in Ireland. You may be lucky enough to see a white-tailed eagle also.

Glengarriff Nature Reserve which is located just outside the town, is regarded as one of the best oceanic Sessile Oak woods in Ireland. It has lots of marked walks suitable for all types of walkers.

Bamboo Park is a few minutes walk from the town centre and contains huge growths of bamboo and fern trees as well as numerous native trees. There are lots of walks through the wood and along the sea shore.

View from Bamboo Park Glengarriff

Blue Pool (Poul Gorm) is an idyllic harbour nestled in this seaside woodland just minutes walk from the Main Street. It has many trails and walkways through a beautiful  forested area with spectacular views of the harbour.

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The town itself has a few hotels, some nice restaurants, cafes and pubs as well as some interesting shops including Quills Woollen Market.


Other Activities in Glengarriff

As well as being a favourite destination of walkers, the town has a very scenic 9-hole golf course.
Cycling, running and fishing are also popular.